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The sound-absorbing panels are a flexible and elegant solution, able to create privacy areas in open space environments such as offices, internet / call points.

OUTBOX panels are freestanding, linear and curved. Consisting of an aluminum frame in which a corrugated felt panel is inserted, they are independent and can be connected to each other by mechanical joints that allow the creation of different layouts and different, refined designs.

Thanks to the wide choice of finishes, felts and profiles, OUTBOX can be inserted in any environment in perfect harmony with the rest of the location.

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OUTBOX is a sound-absorbing panel system with aluminum frame and 1700 gr corrugated felt panel, thermoprinted. The metal joints connect each element and panel, allowing the creation of any type of combination, layout or design.

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VetroIn designs, manufactures and installs state-of-the-art glass partitions for office. Transparency, functionality and design are the characteristics that VetroIn combines to create unique and exclusive glass partitions and partition walls for any environment, even in aluminum and wood.

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